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The leading analysis tool for floating solar sites. By using satellite data and machine learning, we deliver quick, reliable and consistent site data


Floating solar is the next big thing within solar energy. Unfortunately, the current site analysis process is analogue, time consuming, and reliant on tacit knowledge. When comparing multiple sites, inconsistent data availability and having to visit the site make the process even more cumbersome.

Glint Solar offers a quick pre-feasibility assessment, drawing on 40+ years of site-specific data to determine the optimal solution for your site.


The Site Evaluator Engine

Obtaining good site data is vital prior to commissioning a solar project, but few tools exists for the specific purposes of floating solar.​ While floating solar offers several benefits compared to conventional PV, there are also new challenges that project developers must properly address. Developers need reliable data to determine the most optimal solution given the conditions on the specific water body.

Solar Glint's Site Evaluator Engine (SEE)  provides a pre-feasibility analysis in three quick steps:


SEE gathers site-specific satellite data on shading, wind, waves, water level fluctuations, object detection, air pollution and more in addition to solar irradiation and basic weather data


SEE matches the site-specific data with our database of FPV solution providers


SEE generates a report that includes a ranking of optimal FPV installations with estimated yield (LCOE), capital needs and payback period for the installation

SEE Applications

SEE can quickly analyze a range of different water bodies or coastal areas.


Hydropower reservoirs

Combining floating solar with hydropower production has several synergies such as increasing the output from the same asset and existing infrastructure.

SEE can quickly analyze the floating solar potential for hydropower dams taking into accounts factors such as historic water fluctuations and shading from nearby hills


SEE analyzes coastal regions to ensure no area is overlooked when determining the best FPV project site. The analysis is done by vectoring the coastal area.

Irrigation and water treatment

FPV on irrigation ponds effectively reduces both water evaporation and algae growth. SEE analyzes which FPV installation is the most efficient given the local climate conditions.

Mining and quarry

FPV on tailing ponds provides electricity to remote mines. SEE analyzes the pond's potential and matches with available FPV solution providers

Our Goal

To accelerate the speed of FPV adoption by lowering the barriers for project inception


Why Glint Solar?

We are passionate about accelerating the speed at which the world is adopting solar energy and believe floating solar will be the third pillar of solar power



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